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May 24, 2014



it looks like great fun! what better way to spend the day then doing something like that.


You tackle the most amazing and fun things! I saw a garage wall against a patio once. Made me wish I had a garage! ;~)

Gene Black

The wall will look far more interesting when it is finished than it did to start with. And you are adding a new bit to your repertoire.

Marty Mason

What a fun way to spend the day...or two.


This is just totally awesome. Beautifying an area by learning/working though a workshop!

shirley bruner

Free labor...what a great idea the guy has. hahaha that looks like so much fun. hhmmmm.....i could do that at the Duck give me such great ideas. hahahaha

Debra S


(I need some workers like you and your pals!)


You're in a workshop with Isaiah Zagar?!

Are you aware of The Society for American Mosaics (SAMA)? Their annual conference will be in Philadelphia next year, and I'm dying to go. I have been unable to attend in the past due to money or scheduling conflicts, but I just know that next year is my year. :)

Barb in MI

Wow, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience!
I received your beautiful fabrics in the mail from my recent win: thank you so very much! They are gorgeous!!!

Deborah Levy

Looks like great fun!


I have been to Philadelphia a couple of time, but didn't spend nearly enough time seeing the sights. This mosaic work is just what I need for my ugly brick fireplace in my studio! What kind of glue did you use to stick the tile to the walls? It sounds like you had a great time!


What a great experience! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my... what fun! Make me want to do a mosaic project ASAP. If I ever make to Philly seeing these will be a must do.

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