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May 27, 2014


Tina in NJ

When I got to the point where it's so hard to complete a level you're tempted to actually buy more moves or lives, the game gets deleted. Candy Crush, Farm Hero , and Frozen Freefall have all been deleted. I refuse to pay for a "free" game! My quiet time traveling handwork at the moment is a Grandmother's Flower Garden. Individual flowers are for traveling and attaching them to what Bonnie Hunter calls the Mother Ship is for home.english paper pieced, from card stock printed off my computer. I can even print them off EQ.


Thank you for this. I would sit down to play "just one game" and then it would be time to cook dinner. I hate to think of all the needle time I gave up

Jean S.

I love the old fashioned feel of your flowers Vicki. I like the border on the first pinned quilt you have on Pinterest. Somehow I've never really cared for totally floating blocks, they feel unfinished (but that's just my taste). For minimal work, a small snowball on the corners or a simple colored 1" corner block in a narrow background color sashing adds some interest. Vines and leaves would be lovely.

Sue H

Haha! I played the same time-sucking game. I dropped it about nine months ago, and have never missed it for a second. Love your flowers!


Boy, do I have an applique project that I would love to pass on to you.

Linda Swanekamp

Congratulations on breaking free! Don't go back. Your work is so awesome that for anything to take away from it is a crime. Life is short, go with your gifts! I love your work and fabric.

Gene Black

I was playing that stupid game too...then realized what a time eater it was. I deleted it off my device and NEVER missed it.

Jo Vandemey

Oh no ... you are so right... should I take the step.. I would save hours and get more done that is useful.
I love the blocks you have done. And more useful than that stupid game.


I never played Candy Crush. My nephew was playing it in the car on the way to a gig and tried to explain how the game worked. I still don't understand. The blocks are wonderful!

shirley bruner

shoot....if you are 'wasting' time with only 1 computer game...i say you are doing good. i play scrabble, hearts, free cell, and solitaire. it wakes up my brain in the morning......and evening. hahahaa

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