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May 28, 2014



Donna Tartt's first novel, "The Secret History" is absolutely fabulous. I loved it. I haven't read any of her novels, since though.


I tried to read this and made it 50 pages before giving up. No way was I slogging through it

Joanne Harris

Thank you for your review. I got this book out of the library., looked at the number of pages and only had it for two weeks. Decided at that point it wasn’t meant to be. Gave it to hubby who read it and did not think I would like it. He thought parts were very well written. It has been voted onto our reading list for book club next year so I will be reading it sometime in the year to come.

Cynthia Lee

I feel the same way as you about this book. It is way too long and so much that happens to the characters in this book is just not believable on any level. After reading all of the glowing reviews and then trying to listen to it I kept wondering if there was a different book out with the same name. Do you think reviewers take bribes?


I downloaded the free sample on my Nook and tried several times to read it. Finally I decided that it wasn't for me. Glad I was able to try it without having to pay.


I had a difficult time getting through the book too(especially the long, long middle section)...I thought it was an interesting story concept, but I too found the characters hard to swallow...


Ya know, I read the title "Goldfish don't fart" and proceeded to read your post. lol Don't ask how I got that .... my mind surprises me often! lol I'm thinking it might be the title of a book I need to write! Thanks for the book review!

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