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May 15, 2014


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Tina in NJ

You can tell Chris you're pining away for him!


I hate loosing trees too - at least the whole tree doesn't look damaged - i hope the rest of it can be saved - it is always so nice to be able to block out neighbors if you wish - I like my privacy!

Becky in VA

We saw that beautiful tree just a couple of weeks ago when you hung the prayer flags from it. Bummer losing it - but it looks like half of it is GONE! :-(

Have fun with Willie while Chris is fishing.

Your iris is lovely - I have a white one called "Immortality" given to me by Dot - let me know if you want some of it!

Cheryl K.

Oh I hope your screening tree can be saved! The iris is beautiful - and I had to laugh when I read what you said about making promises to snakes. I have found they are quite reasonable if I explain how things are to them. I do speak loudly, stomp around and hit the walkway stones with a good sized shovel to make sure they are listening and understand me when I tell them our stone paths are not a safe place for them, they should find other quarters off in the woods nearby. They always go away, never to be seen in that area again. The one snake I have my conversation with must tell all its friends and relations because I have not had to have this talk with any snakes in the same area of the yard twice.


Yes, our weeping willow has these issues and my hubby chain saws and I haul everything away. I'm relating! :)

Mary Anne

I'm sure the snakes are very appreciative of your kindness! Too bad about the tree though.

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