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April 17, 2014



If it isn't one thing... its another. I hear ya. btw, that first quilt is terrific

Candy Glendening

Fingers crossed this car repair and new fridge are the end to the money out for awhile!!!


Those are really great veteran's quilts. We'll be having a new concrete driveway, walkway, and sidewalks poured this Summer. Yep, it's good to have an abundance of fabric. :o)


Hi Oh I can emphasise with the fridge, we had only just bought ours and then the washing machine needed replacing, it was 15 years old! HST oh yes please that sounds like great fun, I was only thinking the other day about making a HST quilt.

Tina in NJ

I've never done a quilt along, but I'd love to do one with your HSTs. I've been quilting from my stash so long I have to restash. At least, that's what I tell the hubby!

Rebecca in SoCal

I don't NEED to start anything, but joining in a QAL is fun, and it would give me a quilt to practice FMQ on...I might be interested, but will be traveling a couple weeks in June! (I guess I better choose a photo storage/posting program for my "traveling" computer by then.)

Rebecca in SoCal

Boy, I really like both those quilts! Good examples of pretty simple piecing!


Both quilts are beautiful!

Barbara Williams

I think HST wold be fun. I'm going to dig for fabrics right now. Both quilts are wonderful!


Beautiful quilts and I hope no other appliances go bad! We had to replace our refrigerator fun!

Angie in SoCal

My daughter had a similar problem with a 1986 Honda Civic - she sold it to the mechanic's associate - the repairs were more than the value of the car. For her, it was a new head gasket. Love the two Vet quilts. Thanks for sharing.


I love that top quilt Vicki, it just sparkles and shimmers before your eyes.

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