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April 22, 2014


Gene Black

H aha... that is not really a 70's avocado green though. I love the colors in your kitchen.

Debbie St. Germain

I love how they look and can imagine how big a pain they would be, lol.
I get my rugs from the tj home stores and watch for sales too, I tend to go through rugs myself.



They really look sharp. Not a true av/gold combination. The green shows up darker on my screen than the old avocado. Whatever, they look great.


So, what is the secret to a better floor cloth? I have this book and all of the recommended supplies at the ready for warmer, drier weather. Your mats are gorgeous, by the way. Thanks for the share and the heads up.

Irene in WA


Absolutely gorgeous--and I like green and gold!!

Libby Fife

Much better idea than the rugs which get so dirty and kind of icky. And hey, any day that you don't have to open up your wallet is a good day in my book:)

Linda Swanekamp

At least after a lot of work and frustration, you got great results! Love the hardwood floors. I have them in my kitchen. I have braided rugs from a local crafts person that are fairly reasonable and last a long time. I hate books that leave you hanging out to dry.


I think the time and effort spent turned out a gorgeous product. It's times like these it's probably best to do a small test project to get your learning curve. :o) Hindsight is always 50/50.

Cheryl K.

Agreeing with above commenters, in the photos, that's nothing like Avocado. Too dark, not yellow enough. Your brown shade looks like it matches the wood floor - like you have a fancy parquetry inlay. From this distance, it's striking - and your own beautiful art.


It is frustrating to have less than anticipated results but I'm sure no one but you will see the faults; I think they look wonderful.


But they do look nice!

Rebecca in SoCal

It looks like a stone tile floor, especially in the close-up (where we can see the texture). I think they're gorgeous, and hope they don't wear too unevenly from the bubbles.

I have a book that tells how to PAINT floor cloths before polyurethane-ing them. I've been tempted. I have a friend with rugs in her kitchen that always get spilled on. Maybe I should suggest floor cloths to her.

LuAnn Kessi

Nicely done Vicki! They go beautifully with your tile work.
LuAnn in Oregon

Mary Anne

Glad to know that you always splatter your fruit smoothly on the floor - much preferable I'm sure than doing it roughly. (Sorry - that one was just too good to not take you up on, particularly when I'm trying to type this and mop tears of laughter at the same time. Yes, I have a warped sense of humour!!). Anyway....seriously.....your mats are gorgeous and well worth all the work you went through to create them.


They turned out lovely! I have instructions for canvas floor mat in one of Robyn Pandolph's earlier books. However, she paints them! It's been in the back of my mind to make one, I'll think I'll keep it there for now! Cheers!

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