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April 05, 2014



Saw my first two robins this morning. Lots of snow yet on the ground here. I stood outside on the deck and dispersed some threads from my thread catcher to give them some nest material. They usually build a nest in the tree right off my deck. So happy to see signs of Spring.

Tina in NJ

Spring is sprung
The grass is riz.
I wonder where
The birdies is!

Apparently, the birdies are in Virginia.

Gene Black

I love the chickadees. At one place I lived they built a nest in the post of a split rail fence. It was in the opening behind the rail.


It is still cold here so I don't think the birds are full spring mode yet. I keep looking to see if the hawks from last year come back and use my deck railing for a perch. I did see a hawk a couple of weeks ago so I know they are around. The daffodils have shot up flower heads, but the cold nights I think will keep them from blooming for awhile.

Mary Anne

Yay! It's good to know that birds are starting to nest and we can look forward to your nesting reports.


Glad spring has arrived in your area! We are still heating the house! Had the wood stove going strong last night. Nice and cozy in the living room. Today, same thing! I fear spring will never get here in way northeast New York - I can see Canada from my house! Sigh! Enjoy!

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