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April 15, 2014



Barbara Johannah published that chart of 256 four patches years before the "Spectacular Scraps" book came out. I had been playing with it for several years and was happy someone else decided to publish the idea so my students would have access to it. "Spectacular Scraps" is one of my favorite books.

Tina in NJ

The unearthed early dyed fabrics are lovely! I usually avoid white-printed-on-white fabrics, but they're a lot of fun to dye! I added the book to my Amazon wish list. We'll see if it's still available when I want to buy it. (There were only 4 left.) Like I need a new project, too!


I love the look of the dyed fabrics with the white on white motifs. VERY cool! I haven't tried that before, I will definitely have to!

Linda Swanekamp

Just bought the book on for .75 hardcover based on your recommendation! Love scrap quilts. Love your fabric.


What an inspiring post!

Debra S

I also really like the dyed white on white fabrics!


You have HST fever! I will enjoy seeing all these projects come together.

Rebecca in SoCal

I think you may have infected me with that fever! At Road to Calif. this year, I noticed a very busy booth with dies with a show special. I couldn't decide, but I think I need some HST dies now! (And drunkard's path...same principle).

That chart is really cool, but I notice some of the "different" designs are simply rotated. Still inspiring!

Cheryl K.

This post is indeed an inspiration - looking forward to seeing what you do with those pretty pastels!


The white on white dyed very nicely. I tried an overdye of coral on coral and the design just disappeared, very disappointing.

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