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April 11, 2014



we live in an area where we are fortunate now to have good cell service and internet through the phone company - we do want to drop the dish network though as we just don't watch tv much and do more viewing off of netflix and hulu - we hope to put a tv antenna up and see if we can get the local stations good enough to view the nightly news and storm reports when needed and get rid of the dish network - we are a distance though from the tv networks so I'm not sure if it will work - now to find an antenna and get it set up and see how it works.

Tina in NJ

Hope you have (had) fun with your guild.

Debra S

Nice layouts! I think I'll save these, thanks!

Rebecca in SoCal

I really like the 4th and 5th layouts. The fourth is very dimensional, and the fifth is "depression blocks" I once made for a block lotto, and didn't see the dark diamonds until the blocks were together!

BTW, I'm snagging the third one that "just isn't" you for a quilt I may assemble one day. The blocks are too big to easily play with IRL, and I appreciate you doing the work on the EQ layout!

Gene Black

I really like the positive/negative and modern version vertical layouts.

I hope the new internet service is a winner for you.

Rebecca Clarke

I just love HST's and these are amazing, thank you for sharing with those of us that don't have EQ

Becky L

Thank you for the pictures. I have a top in the makes and I layed it out last night and said BLUCK. You gave me some new ideas.

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