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April 03, 2014



wow a bad time for sure - although getting the new crown for free is awesome!! all that purple dye though and then to have all the guys there - bad luck - have fun picking out some new bowls though!

Candy Glendening

Oh my GOSH, I'm so glad that there's a name for this!!!! I get it every once in awhile, usually when there's a bunch of stuff I HAVE to dye and it's going to be 100 on the patio so of course i need to HURRY and GET DONE before I DIE of the heat! sigh...

This reminds me of a time when we had a ton of prep to do for THanksgiving and I started it in my very short, not to be seen in public, (REALLY!) nightshirt. I kept doing one more thing and before you know it we've got guests coming in the front door and I'm in the kitchen going "eek!" I very smoothly (not!) timed it to slip into the diningroom from the kitchen while they were entering the kitchen from the front hall/living room (my first floor is pretty much a circle around the stairs).

WHat lives we live!

Tina in NJ

What an interesting week you've had, Victoria Grace! (Grace was my great-granmother's name, btw.) Hope it gets better.

Hazel Spindler

I think everyone has a day (or 2) like that occasionally. Reminded me of the time I hung a bag of cooked plums in a cheesecloth bag from a kitchen cabinet handle (straining in a bowl to make jelly). The bag became "unhung" ... splat on the kitchen counter and 5' surrounding, including my new white tennies...permanently dyed. New bowls sound good.


oh dear! But you should be good for a long time after those doozzies! ;^)

Katie Z.

What a day!! I hope your life is a little less disastrous for a while!

Debra S

When it rains, it pours!

Linda Swanekamp

Despite it all, you kept going and finished what you set out to do, so congratulations! Although we like it when things go smooth, they don't and usually it happens big. Our character is chiseled for better or worse when we go through these life blips. I think the fact you persevered and are willing to share it shows your character for the good.

Gene Black

What a week! Glad to hear you don't have to pay for the crown replacement.


I would laugh except that I think you would throw something at me! What will you make with the wrong dyes?It will still be gorgeous!

Libby Fife

Sounds like a Libby kind of day! Thank goodness for do-overs!

Virtual Quilter


I have had a couple of days like that in my life ... just without the purple dye! I hope you can't throw anything too far because I have had a great giggle over your day!


Oh the frustration you must have felt! It sounds like you eventually worked your way thru the craziness and after all new bowls and a free replacement crown are on the horizon! Maybe your dye concentrate mistakes will led you to a new combo you might not have thought about.

Linda Kittmer

OMG. that's all I can say to that! As for the image, I see watermelon. I hope you're having a better day Vicki!

Kristin Farwig

It's good to know that others have these sorts of days, too. One of my funny bloopers happened many years ago when I put on split pea soup to cook in a pressure cooker, went to another room to meditate, then heard a little explosion. I went back to the kitchen to see split pea soup all over the place, including the wall! It was all over the few cookbooks I had at the time, too. I'm still afraid to use a pressure cooker!

Deborah Levy

Got to have a few of those days in order to really appreciate the good ones!


Dyeing is so messy even when things aren't going wrong, or it is for me anyway.
A dentist doing something for free!! Is this your April Fools post?

Sally T

Fascinating! Your description of a bad dyeing day would be considered a success for me. You did remember to put on gloves!


I shook a container of dye open the other week.

I managed to do it in the one bathroom that my husband hadn't sealed the grout in yet.

Thankfully, with a lot of bleach, we only have slightly pink grout, not fire red grout.


I was so entertained by your story. Thanks for sharing. I still have a stain on my kitchen ceiling from the time I made homemade cranberry sauce. Do you know cranberries can explode and travel at a high velocity straight up? It is a pretty color though.

Tina in NJ

I'm back with a messy tale. Way back when my son (he'll be 21 the end of the month) was in second grade, we were working on a Cub Scout badge. The one about primary colors and mixing to get new colors. (Something you just might know something about!) We had the kitchen table covered in newspaper to catch spills, but the paper hung over the edge. (You can guess where this is going!) Of course it was the red paint I (not son, me) set off the edge of the table. It looked like a serial killer had been there! I found little red paint splatters years later when we remodeled the kitchen!

Mary Anne

Oh my goodness! I think I would have given up after the first mishap and I must say that you deserve full marks for perseverance. Enjoy your new bowls when you get them!

Jan O

Ouch, such mishaps! Your purple dye story reminds me of dyeing in my back yard with a friend who was teaching me shibori. We squirted dye from squeeze bottles onto the fabric-wrapped tubes, and a lot of dye got onto the grass. My little white and brown dog must have liked the smell of it - he rolled around in it and became totally turquoise.

Sarah Jordan

Oh no! At least you made it all the way through. This reminds me of a few years ago I was trying to remove some rust from a garage sale bike for my son by pouring vinegar on it. I was so considerate to do it outside on the lawn. Did you know vinegar kills grass? I made a cute bike-shaped patch of brown grass in the middle of the front yard (it has recovered now, thankfully).

Susan Sawatzky

Or the time I was using leather dye on a gourd I was making and knocked over a bottle of BLACK dye onto a BEIGE rug. No hope of fixing that.....leather dye is permanent. Eventually we pulled up the carpet and put vinyl tile down in my craft room. Anyone with half a brain would have used leather dye outside, unfortunately I only have 1/4 brain.

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