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April 14, 2014


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Diamond Echos gets my vote!


I like the Diamond Echos, it flows nicely. I use your starch recipe, it works great, thanks for sharing it. Yesterday was lovely enough to have our first al fresco lunch which is quite early for our neck of the world, Canada.


this was hard as I like them both but I think I like the second one better. I had heard of the magic eraser trick and the iron - I will need to try that.


I like them both but like Positive/Negative best.

Kristin Farwig

I also like them both but like the first one (p/n) better. I think I like one you posted in an earlier post the best, with the center squares (composed of the triangles on point) all filled in (hope that makes sense).

About the starch - one of the arguments against using it is that it could attract bugs - do you ever have that problem?

Mary C in WA

I like the top one. The 2nd is more "modern". Make more HST's and do BOTH! LOL. Good idea to Starch those scraps. Thanks for the tip on cleaning the iron.


I like positive /negative best but they are both great !

Linda Swanekamp

I like the postitive/negative as the 3 diamonds are too strong for me taking away the beauty of the colors. Thanks for the iron tip. I only use the magic eraser on my watercolor paintings, I will try this.


I like the positive/negative the best--the colors sparkle more!!

Lynne in Hawaii

You can't go wrong with either lay out. They are both terrific. However, I like the positive/negative best.

Lori S

I like the diamond echos. I love the magic eraser on the iron too.

Peg S.

What great colors! I like the positive/negative design.

Mary Anne

My vote is for Diamond Echoes. Thanks for the magic eraser tip for irons - I will be using that one, for sure.


I like the diamond echo design the best (other one is good also). Thanks for the magic eraser tip, I didn't know that would clean an iron.

Tina in NJ

Diamond echoes. I think my iron is nonstick, so Magic Eraser would damage it too much. I may see about using your HST block for a workshop for my guild.

Libby Fife

I vote for the 2nd layout! And I can't believe your Internet/TV drama!

My girlfriend just told our quilt group that she used a mixture of vodka and water to starch her applique pieces. Your cornstarch story reminded me of that.

shirley bruner

I like the diamond echoes. it's more unusual. but both are lovely.


I like both layout and am glad I don't have to choose!


Really - Can I vote for both? I like the positive/negative the best. But They are both great

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