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March 26, 2014


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I really like the stems and leaves you put into the background blocks.These stars always have lots of motion, and those leaves added to it beautifully.

Tina in NJ

Gorgeous! Just my colors! Sigh. BTW, was the article craft related or more business-like? I'll be on the lookout for it if it's crafty.

Julie in GA

I love the leaves circling around your star--they really accentuate those background areas beautifully!


When the stars align.... :)


Glad all is right in your world now. I had to look up chuppah.'ll be gorgeous and unique for sure. Your star quilt glows. I love the applique pieces in the open space. It seems to really complete the quilt.


Glad you were able to get your files restored. I hate those kind of software problems! Your broken star quilt is beautiful - love the colors and the applique adds an interesting element. Love all the glass pieces you are creating!

Lea Anne

And they say drinking doesn't solve anything, what do they know! LOL! I'm a sucker for lonestar quilts, love this and anxious to see what you do for the borders.

Libby Fife

Thank God for a scotch and Matthew!

I do love this piece you have been working on. Really lovely colors and pattern:)


I, too, love your leaves. So often these stars just sit in big old empty squares but this little bit of applique fills that space perfectly.

Debra S

Love the star! the added leaves is so pretty!

Mary Anne

There's a definite feeling of movement on this piece - makes me think of fallen leaves swirling in those little eddies of air.

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