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March 14, 2014



that's not very great to get your machine back and then immediately have problems - hope you can get it fixed soon and have it up and running.


seems as though they would have noticed the boards were in need of replacing?


That is so discouraging to get the machine back and not working. I hope your new machine will give you a lot of fun sewing in the meantime.


arghh! And I have just discovered random handstitching so my gals just better square their shoulders! ;)But lovely applique!

Becky in VA

Wow - you DO have a lot going on. Enjoy your friends next week!

Mary Anne

Company and a new sewing machine to play with - sounds like fun. Glad your cold is getting better and that Willie is home, even though he seems to have caught your cold.

Debbie St. Germain

The woodland stars are beautiful, that is going to be a beautiful quilt. I need to do more machine appliqué, love the idea of doing art pieces. I love the idea of a long arm, but I can imagine the upkeep and repairs, but fun to be able to quilt that way.


Gene Black

Thanks for the great tip on how to use the Fray Check. I hate those big drops!

Hazel Spindler

I like your explanation of the Fray Check and will try that the next time I'm doing applique. I enjoy all your info and thank you. Good luck with the longarm, I feel your frustration.


Aside from the Willie annoyance the rest of your spring break stuff sounds like pure joy


Vicki, I have the highest respect for you. However, in the case of this Willie issue I completely disagree with your solution to change the boards yourself.

In the first place you sent them a machine that was working but it returned not working. Regardless of the final diagnosis it died on their watch. In the second place the machine was amended with a new drive system which may introduce compatibility issues for the new boards or might have been some trigger in the current boards' demise.

My opinion (because I don't offer advice) is that I would send it back requesting a shipping credit (I am assuming the boards would have been an extra charge even if the problem had been diagnosed at the shop) and have it done thoroughly at the shop. This might mean being without Willie a bit longer but I have done circuit board work (not on sewing equipment) and it is tedious and time consuming in the best of cases. This would dispel any lingering questions going forward and it would fix the needle access issue from the get-go.

The only point of this is to let you know somebody saw a different aspect of the situation. That's all.

Candy Glendening

Argh! How Frustrating!!! But you do have lots of fun plans to even out Willie's Woes!

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