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March 12, 2014



I have tried to do free motion stitch sketching but haven't got the hang of it yet, the dvd sounds great

Joy Voltenburg

I have done some free motion sketching on my longarm - just practicing and playing so far.

sarah did it!

I haven't done any sketching yet but I have certainly pinned a number of sketches for later inspiration.


I have done some sketching with thread. I liked it and I want to get back to doing more. This is great stuff!

Tina in NJ

Free-motion quilting has been at the top of my to-learn list for the past year or so, but I've never sketched. Your holly looks great, btw. I've had a dyeing DVD of Candy's bookmarked for a while. I'll have to check it out again.

Sandra Visser

Not done much fmq at all never mind sketching. Would love to learn how to though.


I'm looking forward to taking Candy's sketching class locally. I took her FMQ class. She's a fun teacher.


I have done some very basic sketching free motion.
Like Holly leaves, trees and a few flowers but really could use some guidance. Thanks for the chance to win.


I love Candy's work! I have done a little sketching. I remember doing some on a quilt I made for Jimmy Buffet - a large palm tree - and for one of the quilts I made for the band Bon Jovi I sketched musical notes and g clefs. I can't say my sketching is great at all - I could use Candy's help to help me up my game! Thanks for the giveaway!


I have done some FMQ. I too love Candy's work and would love to win the DVD! I purchased Candy's DVD on dyeing a few years ago.


I used to do a lot of free motion sketching and haven't made time for it lately. I could use an incentive to get back into it.


I haven't done any FM stitching like this but I'd love to turn some of my flower photos into designs I could use.


ooooohhh, love a blog hop, so many new and interesting things to find. FM sketching, I've done some practising in preparation for the final step on a wall quilt but haven't done it yet.


I do FMQ but always follow a pattern or stencil,I love to do it without those....thank you

linda schiffer

I love free motion quilting (and thread work) - but the most complex thing I've tried until now is probably eyeglasses (for a turning-40 quilt:). I'd love to try more interesting/difficult items.

Not being much as a drawing person (but I _don't_ say I can't draw, cause everyone can:), I'd like to develop my skills with the machine.

:) Linda


Not free motion sketching but free motion quilting. Looks like fun.


Must admit I haven't--I may be able to on my longarm--I don't see it happening on my shortarm!! But I do love the look and idea of it.....


In my 70+ years, I have done some FM quilting and had a class in thread painting but not FM sketching. I need a "class" in my home where I can practice on my short arm machine. Guess, I could really use this dvd!

Joyce Mitchell

I've never tried free motion sketching - looks like fun. Thanks.


Been doing a lot of FMQ lately but could use some new ideas. I'm ready to be inspired!

Sue Stultz

I have not done thread sketching but do FMQ. Always like to learn new things, so sketching is now on my todo list.


I bought a foot and learned to put it on. I'm still working up the courage to get started. But I love the look and the intricacy you can get with the free motion stitching.

Ruth Camack

oooh luv Candy's work and would luv to win her dvd. Bleeding hearts are a favorite of mine so this sketch would be extra special.



About 20 years ago I tried free motion sketching. Of course back then it was call machine embroidery. At the time, I didn't like the look because I thought embroidery had a 'certain' look to it and that certainly wasn't it! Now, however, by calling it sketching, which is a more descriptive term of the result, I like it. I should try this on my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and see how it works. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sandy K

I have a problem sketching on paper, I have not tried it with my machine.

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