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March 07, 2014


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cindy is crafty

Good for you for not taking your cold to others. I get so peeved when people come to work sick and then it slowly makes its way through.


Thanks for the shout-out!!!!! When does your new sewing machine arrive and when can I start making buttonholes on it???? : )


I think you made the right decision to stay home too. Not only are you not spreading your illness but you'll probably get over it quicker by getting some rest. Bummer that you'll be missing time with your sewing friends though. It's been a tough winter.


good to stay home - that is a pet peeve of mine too so normally because I have year round allergies and I am blowing my nose all the time I keep reminding people "it's just allergies I'm not sick" LOL

Sally T

I couldn't help but notice the bag made from the spoonflower test sample. Did I miss the post when you made the bag. It looks truly awesome!

P.S. Tommy wants to know if you tested the Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine and just forgot to mention it?


great links. I appreciate them! Rest up!


I'm sorry you've got a cold. I'm annoyed also when people choose to spread the germs. But, I'm glad you've got the whole weekend to yourself to sew. Just hope you feel up to it!

I also noticed the bag made from the spoonflower test sample. I love, love, love it and searched your blog for a post on it, but didn't see anything. It looks like a great bag!!

Gene Black

I really enjoyed your post on the Munsell color wheel.

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