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March 03, 2014


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Sally T

Vicki--you really are quite amazing. Any one of the activities you listed would have made my week seem like a success. Plus you go to the quilt festival and choose a sewing machine. My accomplishment from going to the festival--I survived!


sounds like the festival was great - glad you were feeling well enough to go have fun. Chris has been busy on that wood pile!! we need to make ours grow this year, this winter has used up a lot of it and I will be using a bit today and tomorrow - last of winter? I hope so

Lynne in Hawaii

Waiting for the sewing machine are one busy girl! The star is looking terrific by the way. Oh...I love your "quilt" glass. Those pieces are amazing so far. So glad you are feeling better.

Becky in VA

What a good laugh we had over Carol mis-understanding just one little word.

She also gave me a cool tip about a fingernail polish dryer. (Thanks Carol)

Had a great time with friends and shopping at the show and Virginia Quilt Museum met their goal with raffle ticket sales.

Thanks for letting us peek into your kiln. :-)


Becky forgot to tell us at Happy Hour that she had on a pretty bra.

Debbie in Paris

You certainly made up lost time in the later half of your week! Your lonestar is along great!

Libby Fife

Wear a pretty bra! Words to live by!

Glad you are feeling better. I can't work when I am sick either. Your star piece is coming along nicely-I do so love that layout and pattern.


Glad you found a machine you liked. I have never been a fan of Bernina machines either. What I like about my Pfaff is it is so trouble free and I use my machine hard. I also like that it has the integrated walking foot. That feature has made life so much easier and frees me from a lot of pinning.

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