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March 31, 2014


Tina in NJ

The floor mats look beautiful! My guild's quilt show was Saturday and we're all the "what next?" fog. Monthly meeting is a week from today and I've got a BOM to choose.

Rebecca Grace

Your floor mats look really interesting! At first glance, I was sure you had painted the designs on the floor as trompe l'oeuil and varnished over it. Did you make these out of something with cushioning?


A few months?? No way!

Becky in VA

Your kitchen floor looks like tiles inlaid in your hardwood floor! Only YOU would think of decoupaging fabric to make floor coverings.

Nice job - it looks good!


What a great job you did on those runners. And, this is how I learn all my lessons, "I should have" or "next time."


Your runners look like inlaid wood or tile. Really gorgeous. I'll live vicariously through you as I will never attempt such a project. I'm sure I'd throw it out the window. :o)

Debbie St. Germain

I love them, beautiful shades too. I have rug backing to make some, but I have been procrastinating since I have to prime them first.


cindy is crafty

They are really cool!


In spite of the PITA aspect, the runners are elegant.


I will be interested in reading how you made the mats and why you would paint them next time. They look beautiful!

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