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March 25, 2014



Don't you love it when the moon, the stars, and the sewing machine all align? I couldn't even tell where you darned the jeans!

Becky in VA

Your new machine is awesome!


Oh Boy! I'm sold!

Mary Anne

Sounds like you have a real winner, and I'm so glad that you are happy with it.

Gene Black

That is an awful lot like my Babylock Espire as far as features.

Debbie St. Germain

I have something like that on the little juki I got, she really goes over edges nicely. I got it with a gift certificate so I would have a back up when my pfaff goes into it's yearly fits, lol.



Stitching right to left??? That machine is so cool.


So glad you are loving your new machine and look how much mending you got done!


I so want that machine.


Looks like you picked a winner there. grumble, grumble, grumble, as I am having issues FMQ on my machine currently.


I am impressed!

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