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February 26, 2014


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Sally T

I'm just not going to let Tommy read your blog anymore. First, he sent me out to collect more wood because we are no where near a cord yet and its almost March. Then Tommy figured out that I was planning to go to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival tomorrow, not cat massage training.


Great to have a responsive Dr.; I can call at 9 am and get in that same day cause they leave 5 appts open for patients. Glad you've been banded from wood pile duties and are improving.
Every year when the insurance comes in, DH does a lot of swearing then goes shopping for a better deal - yes, every year.
I have a few 'want' ideas for your machine shopping - alert that bobbin thread is running out (really miss this on my new machine) - single hole throat plate as well as the zigzag - good 1/4 inch foot.
Have a good time shopping and at the festival.

Ivory Spring

"The gold best matches the color of gravel and dirt dust in our driveway." -- You gave me the best laugh of the day! Thanks much. Sounds like you are like me -- as long as the car is practical and safe, that's the way to go.


Glad your leg is feeling better - and like others, really had to chuckle at your criteria for a car. Mine was similarly sophisticated - big enough for our family + guests and I had to be able to drive it away on the day (we went to a big used car place) rather than come back another day for it!

Mary Anne

Glad to hear your leg is getting better and I totally agree that your insurance people are totally inept. Obviously they don't care about their customers!

cindy is crafty

Took me a bit to catch up and find out what happened to your leg. My sister has eczema and gets it on her hands. When it is really bad she cannot wear any jewelry and looks like she has the plague. Glad you are on the mend!


This is the first negative USAA comment that I have ever read. I've used them for 17 years & I know others who have used them longer. I guess I am lucky that I don't have a guess house to worry about. (Just generic insurance & banking stuff.)

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