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February 19, 2014


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Sounds like a great class, Vicki. My Dh sometimes asks about the possibility of selling stuff. He just sees $$$ going out and never any return on investment! ;~) I got no time and besides, I'm a kept woman! LOL That periwinkle sounds fantastic. Shh, I'm not supposed to be thinking outside the budget! Good luck with the class.

LEslie McNeil

periwinkle... sounds really yummy! guess I'd better add that to my wish list! and maybe even {more} black. {I bet what you develop is even cooler, though!}

Mary Anne

Shipping charges have gotten so totally out of hand and it's certainly curtailed a lot of my fun. I used to really love sending out little RAOKs and now I have to think seriously about it. The post office here is rapidly doing itself out of a job - raising prices and cutting services. Your class sounds wonderful - good luck with it!

Andi Stanfield

Ooh, I'd love an online version of the selling online class!

Debra S

Shipping costs have drastically cut the little on-line shopping I do down to zilch. If I can buy locally, I prefer that over on-line shopping.

Ivory Spring

Re: your class - sounds absolutely awesome! I know the attendees will greatly benefit from what you have to share.

Judy Rys

Good luck with your class. Wish I were close by, I would definitely attend. If you film it, I would be interested in purchasing a copy :-)

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