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February 13, 2014


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Tina in NJ

We've got at least a foot of snow here. It's supposed to be the last major storm, but that could change and probably will. Now it's raining, and they expect snow later. Let me know if you figure that procrastination stuff. I'm a champion procrastinator!

Sally T

You may have to take a full two week stay-vacation to recalibrate. I just reviewed what you've accomplished over the last two weeks and now I have to go take a nap. Even Willie gets a spa vacation.

Debra S

It's OK to take a break every now and then.


well this be the last big snow storm of the winter - we are supposed to get thunder storms next week!

Becky inn VA

It's okay to do NOTHING once in a while.

When I get in a rut, I clean like crazy and that get's me back on track.

The snow is beautiful, but - let the melting continue!


Ditto here! Wanna hang out? lol Enjoy your snow! It's so purty! Looking forward to a snow storm headed our way. Maybe I'll get a day off to quilt! Cheers!


I'm having the same issue sewing-wise. I'm making a vest from the scraps of wool of the Tippi Hedren suit. That vest is coming VERY slowly. I can only focus it on it for like 30 minutes at most. So I've been working on it for 3 weeks and it is still isn't done. And it's a vest. Argggghhhh!


Vibrant cards!!! Hubby got stuck this morning. Tractor got him moving. I doubt a tractor works for creativity. lol


As a champion procrastinator, the way that I get back on track is to start something like making a few scrap blocks for a charity quilt. But also, you may need to just take a little break sometimes


I am guilty of procrastination also. To get myself going I make a to do list. I find once I pick a task and just get started on it I go gang busters and it gets me going again. Breaks are good though! You can't go full speed every day. I think that takes the fun out of it and makes it more like a job than a creative outlet!

sarah did it!

Yipper - I've been procrastinating myself lately, despite the honey do list and needing to prep for retreat this weekend. I am sure once I give the studio a good cleaning I'll feel like sewing again.


I am also procrastinating. I have laces to dye and instead of doing this I am doing 'more research' into the hows. I went back into your archives about how long dye lasts and read the comments and got confused. You talked about soda ash. I know this is an old topic but I got confused about when you added the soda ash. I soak my material in the soda ash and then do low emersion dyes. I got confused when it seamed that you add the soda ash to the made up dye itself- or am I reading it wrong- this has only added to my procrastination, as I now use this as a reason to 'research' more. Please help so I have no more excuses (except that here in Perth we are melting with the heat- maybe I'll use that as my next excuse

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