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February 07, 2014


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I have seen some of those places that you show - I in fact there was an exhibit of quilts when I was there too - and it has been some time now. One of my sisters and brothers live in Maryland so we are out there now and then and used to see the museum's a lot although in recent years we have skipped the DC area when we visit.

Tina in NJ

My father was in Korea, servicing bombers. When he went to the National Air and Space Museum's annex in Chantilly, VA, they had a bomber from that era. The staff let him get right up next to it, all but climbing inside, because it might have been one he'd worked on as a young man. I too adore the Lincoln Memorial, and find the Viet Nam Memorial particularly moving.

Deb K

I agree with you, the Korean War memorial is so moving. The first time I saw it, it was snow covered and that made it even more realistic. The other one that I really like that is not well known is the FDR memorial. It is between Lincoln and Jefferson. It is most amazing. Did you see it?

Virtual Quilter

Love the sailor and his kit bag ... but if it is life size he would have spent his service life bent double ... or Chris is very, very short!

Debra S

I loved my recent trip to DC over the summer even though it was scorching hot. Glad you were able to enjoy the day too.

Debbie St. Germain

What a wonderful trip and places to visit. I haven't been since I was younger, something I want to do again.



You certainly covered some exciting ground on your 'day off'!


I'm going to be demo-ing hand quilting at the NMWA next Saturday (I guess that means this Saturday by now).

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