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February 27, 2014


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I'm sure I must have missed something - you injured your leg and it is pretty bad?

Virtual Quilter

The few times I have tried thread it just got tangled around my tongue, but it did clean the cracks between my teeth! I will stick to chocolate.
However, in the sewing room, ......

Cheryl K.

I'm glad to hear your leg is on the mend, even if it will slow getting to the goal. But thank you for not sharing any photos in the meantime! On the other hand, the thread photo is in the good-enough-to-eat category.


The non-sewers would probably call us crazy for getting excited about a box of thread!

Mary Anne

Only another sewer would 'get' that we are excited about spools of thread!

Beth in AZ

I am glad you are starting to heal..and that box of threads looks YUMMY! I ordered some Glide and I tracked that box like a HOUND on the UPS site! They CLAIMED it was delayed for weather..but it SAT here in PHOENIX for FOUR DAYS. (not a cloud in sight! HA! I was on the case....)

Libby Fife

I am laughing about how the car almost outsmarted you. Isn't that the truth? Rich's new car picked up his IPhone...which was inside the house! Or something like that!

Drive carefully and heal up too. It takes a long time to recover and feel better-much longer than you would imagine:)


I don't think I will buy a new car until I absolutely have to. My car is a 2002 and that was right before they started adding ports for iPods, Bluetooth, and all that other electronic stuff. I concentrate so hard when I drive I can hardly talk if there happen to be someone else in the car much less talk to someone thru the car. King Tut is my favorite thread for quilting. Love the stuff! I hope your leg continues to heal and that you will be back in action soon! Have fun at the Mid-Atlantic!

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