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February 28, 2014


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I hope they let you test their machines - after all if they want to sell them at the prices they ask, they better be willing for you to try them out!!

Sharon MLS

You are so very organized! How about a post on your test results when you return home, including what features you are looking for, and how the machines rated for those features?

Mary Anne

Enjoy your day! I'm looking forward to hearing the results of your research.

cindy is crafty

My money is on all of them! Nobody tells Vicki NO! :O)

Gene Black

My theory is that if they don't want you to really test it out, they know it isn't good enough.
My dealer let me test the machine for as long as I wanted. It surprised me, but it also sold the machine.


I would never had thought about putting together test kits. What a great idea! I hope you find the machine of your dreams!

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