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February 12, 2014



I hope the storm doesn't hit you bad - I hear the poor people south of us in south Arkansas and stretched all the way across to Georgia are having a lot of outages already - all that ice! I hope you get snow and not ice! Well be possibly in the 50's tomorrow here and stay for a week.


I think there is snow on our horizon, as usual. My dear, cold hubby is getting tired of doing walks and paths. Those postcards do look warm and summery! yay!


Those quilted clouds are crazy beautiful! Can't wait to see what car you decide upon, either.


Procrastination, or avoidance, is making its way across the country. Maybe it is party due to the long winter. We need the energy of spring.

I agree the edges of the postcards are great with the changes. I love Monika's work too.

Debbie St. Germain

I like how you do the landscapes and the borders came out really nice. I did a couple for my first time and made a mess, lol. I am trying different materials, so fun to play around and great way to use up scraps too. I checked out monikers cards and like how she couched. I do have a couching foot and was thinking about something like that, might be a nice way to do an edge or I may try some ribbons, lots of things to try. You can see the ones I did on my blog, I even put up my bad work;)



I hope theses beauties don't get borrowed by mail folks with sticky fingers. They're serene and beautiful. I need a vacation in one of your postcards.

Virtual Quilter

Love both lots of cards you have been working on! I might have to make some myself.

I love our current car, and want to keep the driver's seat forever! I also want to park the car in the lounge room so I can use the sound system all the time, but I have the same problem with the passenger seat as you. The man in my life has been thinking about it and is going to buy a driver's seat from a wreckers and make it into an office chair for me ... can't wait!

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