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February 11, 2014



Handmade is best.


I bet it is but I fear there are not enough hours in my day. An excuse but I'm sticking to it! lol

Marie Z. Johansen

Thanks for posting these ! I think I have some of them from years ago, but I am just about needing to make another batch - so will use one of your recipes now as I did when I made my first batch of soap! Thanks again!


what's the stearic acid for? Preservative? I use citricidal acid and vit E as a preservative.


Loved the soap you gave me a few years ago. Made my skin feel so good. I cannot handle scents. I don't think I'm allergies but more a chemistry problem. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Soap making is on my to do list one day! Cheers!

Rebecca in SoCal

I've been meaning to THANK YOU for the information that Dawn makes a hypoallergenic formula, and now you have this! I don't have actual allergies, but sensitive skin, which leads to dryness and itching. I have found soap options, but had just bought rubber gloves for doing the dishes. I prefer the friendlier detergent.

How about shampoo? You mentioned "hardness," so it seems that these recipes might be adaptable?

Mary Anne

I've never tried making my own soap and have to admit to wondering how something as caustic as lye could be good on skin. I must hit our local shop and see if they sell any with lye and give it a try.

Judy Rys

The recipes sound so delicious, I want to try making my own. But for once, I'm going to be smart and resist the temptation.

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