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February 06, 2014



I have never been to a military funeral but our son in law served in the Air Force and was selected to be part of the military funerals for the last six months that he served in Texas - he was with a small group that traveled up to 50 miles from the base - he too said it was very interesting and he considered it an honor - sorry for the loss in your family but glad he was buried with honors -


Oh wow - you gave me chills. What a wonderful honor - however I am sorry for the loss of these two great men. I met a Veteran last week who was also in the Aleutian Islands - I wonder if they crossed paths. Hug Chris again for me

Debra S

What an honor for both men to be at rest at Arlington. My condolences to both families. What an experience for you and Chris.

Gene Black

I have been to a few services with the gun salute. It always makes me shed tears.


Sorry for you loses. I've never been to Arlington National Cemetery nor have I attended a military funeral but our military are deserving of such ceremony.

Tina in NJ

My condolences to you and Chris. It's never easy to lose a loved one, particularly a parent. Particularly around the holidays.

Karen Dianne Lee

I'm so moved... Thank you for sharing.


So sorry Chris lost his father! His career seems most interesting. I marvel at the places he's been, the things he's done, and the people he's met. I got teary just reading about this so I didn't watch the videos. We have Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery nearby, and though it's been a few years since I've been there for an interment I don't think they do the horse drawn caisson anymore. It's definitely a special touch.


Thank you for sharing such a private moment. I have been to Arlington to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown solider and it is very emotional. Condolences to you, Chris and your friends.


I attended my first Arlington ceremony last year. A friend of my father passed away and we accompanied my parents to his internment. His choice was to have ashes placed in the wall, but there was a gun salute and the folding of the flag and taps. Oh my, I was so very moved. I cried so many times throughout the ceremony... partly from the sorrow of saying goodbye, but also from the sense of honor and respect... comradeship I think describes it... that imbued the whole process.
When the time comes, my father has chosen the Naval Academy for his ashes.

Deborah Levy

Sorry for your loss, Vicki. Very moving, glad you were able to be there.

Deb K

Vicki, Thank you for sharing the bio of your FIL and this deeply personal time. I am sure he was a most interesting individual. I would love to have heard his stories. As a retired Army nurse and daughter of an Army officer and Viet Nam vet, I have a deep understanding of his experience and respect for your FIL . My nurse training was at Walter Reed and I spent many a Saturday walking the grounds of Arlington. I cherish the flag from my father's coffin and I still get choked up when I hear the words.....on behalf of POTUS and our grateful nation... I regret that we are losing so many of the WWII generation. We still have so much we should learn from them and so little time left to do it.

sarah did it!

I'm so glad you shared the videos - I'll probably never get to see such a service altho I have heard about them. The grandson of a coworker works at ANS and my cousin does something similar where he lives in Kentucky. I was a little surprised there was no taps echo. We always have an echo at our Memorial Day services but I was told a recent/local military burial was just the single playing of taps. Maybe our echo is something unique?

Becky inn VA

Thank you for documenting and sharing this most honorable burial for Capt. John R. Welsh at Arlington National Cemetery. Very interesting. Seeing the service makes one very proud to be an American and honor those who served our country.

Virtual Quilter

Thank you for sharing a very special time.


My sympathy to you and to Chris on the loss of such wonderful men who meant so much, not only to you, but to our Country for their dedicated service.

Candy Glendening

Thank you for sharing this with us Vicki. Both your father in law and Col. Bowen are obviously special men who spent their life in service. I thank both your families for your service (because the families of our servicemen and womean are big a part of that service).


I can imagine this must have been really amazing. Even a small military service such as my dad's, in a small cemetery (San Diego) with salute and flag folding is pretty darn impressive - can't imagine what it would be like pulling all the stops out at Arlington. Something that stays with you forever, I'm sure.

Ivory Spring

An honor indeed, Vicki. The presentation of the flag brought tears to my eyes. The men are so respectful and gentle with the family.

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