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February 18, 2014


Katie Z.

Your pink blocks are quite lovely. It is not my favorite color either, and I find I don't have many scraps (which is just fine with me).

Congrats on being able to fire up the wood burning stove. We use our stove insert in the basement much of the winter as the heat just doesn't do it.


glad to hear you can use the stove now - wood fires do bother out allergies a little bit but we use it anyhow on the cold days - not so much on the warm days as the house gets too got then

Peg Dahlke

Suggestion for the wood stove. Run a humidifier too. Wood head dries the air out so much. Will help with allergies.

Tommy Cat

Excellent! I love a nice fire! I'm on my way once I find where Sally left the car keys. You're welcome!


Pretty in Pink and I didn't think pink was your color.

terri stegmiller

I adore that first pink quilt project. It would make a great baby quilt.

Becky inn VA

You are going to end up with a couple really beautiful rainbow quilts at the end of the year! Glad you are "in the pink" and can benefit from the wood burning stove. That thing just may heat up your whole house! Your basement will definitely be toasty.


Glad I could help in the wood stove department!!!There is nothing more cheerful than a fire going on a cold day. Having a fire in the morning feels especially decadent!


I like both sets. The modern look and the flying geese! We have a corn burner in the front room and don't know how we'd do it on fuel oil alone. eek! Stay warm. Heck, think pink!!!

Ivory Spring

Loving your pink projects! And congrats on the heater --- I vow when we buy our home, it WILL have a wood fireplace!!! Who would have thought it would get that cold in Virginia?!


Love those pink blocks (the top ones) - definitely going to pinch that design, though perhaps not for pink, as I've done a few already. Maybe next month, when the colour is... who knows - green for St Patrick's Day?


Glad you were able to move out the pink scraps. The best thing about our least favorite shades is getting them out of of the scrap bin to make room for the ones we love.

Debra S

Love pink! delighted to see both of your projects!

Linda Swanekamp

Love the pink batik! Is it a pattern or did you make it up? I love the structure of it, random thin strips, but within a set square. What size are the blocks and strips?


Oh you'll be so cosy.


So glad you will have more heat at a better price! I have a fireplace in my studio, but I know it needs to be cleaned and possibly repaired. I would love to install a wood burning unit in this fireplace because my downstairs is so much colder. Someday!!

LEslie McNeil

I love your liberal definition of pink! {let's call it high-def!" :)


Love your flying geese ;-) The other pink top is really pretty - even with your liberal use of pink lol

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