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February 05, 2014



Beautiful quilt, it has a strong three-dimensional effect! And the colours are so subtle and harmonic.

Linda Swanekamp

Love the quilt! Love the labels. Could you tell me how you make/get them? I want to put a better label on my comfort quilts and this would be great. Thanks!

Judy Hudgins

I don't think it is as feminine as you think it is. But I would take it in a heart beat anyway!

Virtual Quilter

Like it!

Ivory Spring

I like it, Vicki! Aren't black/gold the colors of one of the elite units? I don't think it's feminine either. I think the "floral" prints end up looking like fireworks to me. So - perfect for the heroes that serve honorably.


I think it is beautiful!! The contrast is really stunning


Well since there are men and women service members I know it will find a deserving and loving home. I think it's quite eye catching and as Alycia said, stunning contrast.


The quilt turned out beautiful!

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