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February 17, 2014


Tina in NJ

Love the quilting on Back to Square One. I'm a big fan of feathers. The glass quilt block looks like one of the Tell It to the Stars colorways. Inspiration, perhaps?


Tax -- a bad 3 letter word. Love the quilting design and the shade of that green for the binding.


I took a tax law class in law school and it damn near killed me. The only thing I remember is that EVERYTHING is taxable income. I haven't done my own taxes in 20 years!

Debra S

We have a CPA on speed dial. It's worth it!

Virtual Quilter

Thank you for including some lovely quilting, interesting pieces of glass and pretty soaps as well as the horrors of the tax story!

Candy Glendening

Yup, nothing like something hanging over your head to get in the way of creativity! Hooray for getting that tax stuff out of the way!


I got my taxes done this past weekend - a good job done. The flower blocks are coming along nicely. I have an old Dresden plate quilt that is in bad shape except for the plates. I was going to take the plates off and re-applique then to new fabric to save them. That's a blanket stitch you using for the flowers? That's what I think I will do to the plates - someday. Sounds like you are out of your funk with more glass work in the works and getting some sewing done. At first I thought the soap was molded white chocolate! Me and my sweet tooth!

Ivory Spring

You are always impressive with the stuff you make. And those soaps - I thought they were some kind of fancy cookies! You need to sell your soaps.

Mary Anne

Wow - lookit all that soap!! That's amazing, as is/are the colours in that glass.

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