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February 20, 2014


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sorry about the experience you had with Marshall's - a year or so ago I was going to drive over there to get some of the white on white fabric that they sell so inexpensively - before I drove over there 2.5 hours I wanted to make sure they had it so sent several emails the week before I planned to go - never heard back from them by email or phone. I did eventually stop there when we had planned a drive in that area but I do not order anything sight on seen from them - you have to really feel that fabric to know what you are getting.
I love your quilt that you made for the bed.

This quilt is Stunning...and you are right, the gradients add so much lovely interest to the outside with not too much effort (after the initial effort of figuring out how to dye them! ;-) )

So, how do you really feel about Marshall's Dry Goods??? ;-)

Virtual Quilter

Looks wonderful ... you can have some of our weather to help things warm up.

Mary Anne

What an unfortunate experience with a company you had been dealing with. They should know that you have been a good customer and treated you much more kindly. Your quilt, btw, is beautiful - one of my absolute favourites that you'd done.

Linda Bevins

Beautiful quilt!

Good info about the PFD fabric. I had the same problem with a 25 yard batch about a year ago, could not figure out went wrong! Thanks. Sorry about your experience.

Ivory Spring

Vicki, that quilt is absolutely STUNNING! I love the colors. Sorry to hear about your customer-no-service experience. :( That stinks.

Debbie St. Germain

That really came out beautifully, and the fabrics really do make the quilt.



The quilt is beautiful and your fabrics are showcased well in the design.

I'm kind of surprised about the lack of response from Marshall's Dry Goods. I've ordered some wide backs from them before and I get my Hobbs 80/20 from them now. You're probably over them by now but did you try to call? I usually talk to someone when I order my batting.

Libby Fife

What a gorgeous piece. Really and so clever to use the flannel as the batting. That is going to be nice in the summer.

So much for Marshall Dry Goods. Strange that a company would be unresponsive in this day and age with the Internet and all sorts of sites where you can vet a company and kvetch about their bad service.


Gorgeous quilt!!!


So you can snooze under this beauty and dream of Summer! :o) I love the idea of a flannel sheet instead of batting. I have a vintage quilt that has not batting either so it's very lightweight.


The quilt is beautiful in your lovely blue and green fabrics.

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