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January 23, 2014


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I hate slow internet more I think - sometimes when we travel we have such slow connection that you get very frustrated with it and it is madding at times - I think I'd rather be without!


Mine is very slow and I tried to do some tweaking which was NOT good and I had to find a restore point. Ha! I'm not impressed either! Maybe it is a seasonal thing as I seem to recall all this last year about this time???

Virtual Quilter

Slow is a pain ... I tend to try and do the same stuff on the internet as I would do any other day, and it takes way longer to do it.
At this time of year I have a problem with heat ... and so does the wireless gadget, it won't charge properly when it is too hot ... but I am guessing that is not your problem at the moment!

Frances Arnold

LOVE your spiky border and cant wait to see what you do with the crumbs!!


I am with you = I get so frustrated when it is slow - but when there is no.... I go find something else to do, so it doesn't annoy me lol

Gene Black

Slow is more aggravating for the very reason you stated. HOWEVER, with slow internet I can at least let folks know I am alive.

The crumb blocks could always be part of the backing. That is my go to trick for extra blocks/oops blocks etc.


I'm with you - I would rather have no internet than slow. I love the spikey borders. It is cold here, but we haven't gotten much snow which is nice.

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