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January 14, 2014


Cheryl K.

Love the geese with the stripes and plaids - such a happy group of blocks!


I love your blue batik Crossroads - great pattern for batiks. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is one which I am taking part in and also signed up for Threads of Memory, I figured one block each month was not too bad.

Debra S

Both quilt tops are very cool. Agree with both sides of my personality!!

Tina in NJ

A Civil War BOM? Maybe she'll do Swamp Angel! ;)


love the color range you are using in the blue quilt.


I really do like simple blocks!


I think it would have been boring in only bright blue. It needs value changes and a little color variation to be interesting.


I like your variety of blues. Such a nice assortment of hues. Fudging it is encouraged in the rainbow scrap challenge!

Linda Swanekamp

I love the crossroads batik. It just uses 5" blocks, one inch trimmed off, block split, inch inserted and then trimmed to 5"? It would be less than 5" if an inch was cut out with two 1/4" seams wouldn't it? I am just trying to visualize the process. I really, really like it. Are the other colors going to be added to this?


Gorgeous!!! Love the 30's!!!


Wow you have lots of projects going on with a lot of variety in fabric.


Love those batik blocks. I did the challenge a couple of years ago though I think I only made it half way through the year. I must dig those blocks out and see if I can make something with them or if not make some more so I can

Sheila Nichols

I love your blue blocks. Don't worry about it. Fudging is okay. Just have fun.


I like your batik blocks. I think the overall effect IS bright blue.

Cathy L in IA

I love the Crossroads. The blues are gorgeous. And I always love anything in 30s.

Deb @ asimplelife Quilts

So pretty... I love both of your projects! Love how the colors flow in your batik quilt.

Ivory Spring

I am loving your blue quilt, Vicki. The 30's quilt surprised me though since I view your art more contemporary in general. But that just shows how versatile you are!


What great projects for the challenge! I love those checks with the 30's prints and those batiks are so pretty.

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