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January 04, 2014


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Becky inn VA

It's beautiful!

Tina in NJ

I keep trying to tell my hubby how overrated dining rooms are... Actually, I'm the one who wanted one. Two corners are filled with my stuff and two are filled with my daughter's old toys. Every now and then, DH will "lose" a toy or two. He knows better than to "lose" my stuff, but it finds it's way into the real sewing room.

Your mom is probably over the moon with her quilt glass. Very nice.


So are formal living rooms . . .

Candy Glendening

Wow, that's quite a difference on those test pieces! I'm sure your Mom loves it, even if the irridescence was facing the wrong way...and yes, dining rooms ARE overratted! Ours is the music/practice room for hubby and the boys!

Virtual Quilter

I need a dining room to re-purpose!


Beautiful! Dining rooms are useless for dining but great for sewing! My first sewing spaces in 2 different houses was the dining room.


Dining rooms (or former family rooms - even kids' bedrooms when the kids are over 30) make GREAT sewing rooms!

Love watching your glass work.


So pretty. Hey if we only used those rooms for dining they would be such a waste of space ;)

shirley bruner

Your mom is one lucky lady....that is gorgeous. can i be your sister? LOL

Mary Anne

I bet your Mom is thrilled! I must admit I fell for the blue pieces though - they're both beautiful!!

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