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January 11, 2014


Lynne in Hawaii

I just love the colors in this one. It is beautiful...kiln wash or not!

Tina in NJ

I love Swamp Angel (the block). From what I could find, it's named for a gun Union troops used to fire on Columbia (?), South Carolina (wherever Ft. Sumter is) from neighboring swamps. Since that's where the war started, the troops were rather aggressive. The actual gun now resides in Trenton, NJ, of all places! Anyway, I used this block for my two-color quilt when my guild had a challenge based on the Infinite Variety show a few years back.


Well, I for one, find your glass quilt square just beautiful. Very interesting findings on the difference between shelf paper and kiln wash. Thanks for sharing! I always seem to learn something from you.

Linda Swanekamp

You know, Vicki, you spend a lot of time cutting, planning, and firing. Go with the paper if you know it works, the price is worth it. You know how nursing a rotary blade along works or cheap thread or cheaply made fabric-- those are just part of the realities in creating art. You are creating beautiful, exquisite art, so don't hesitate to make it the best way possible. Love the colors, I could wring them out!

Jane S.

Fortunately it is still a lovely piece, whether it has kiln wash or not! I never would have known there was anything "wrong" with it, by the way, to me it's just texture. :)

Mary Anne

Ruined?? Being completely glass-illiterate (and having no concept of the ins and outs of what you're talking about) all I can say is that I like it just the way it is! It's blue - what's not to like???

Sue in Upstate NY

Where did you see a glass cutting webinar? You're getting me interested in glass again. I only do stained glass, no fusing yet!

Mary Ann Harpe

I think it is beautiful too. I think it is like looking at one of your quilts- you don't see how pretty it is but all the mistakes you did.

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