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January 17, 2014



that bike looks a lot like the kind I use at the fitness center - I get a lot of use out of

Andi Stanfield

I see the peeling border! Nice job so far. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I am hoping to squeeze sewing time in between social events too.

Debbie St. Germain

I am bad with stationary bikes, I need to actually go somewhere, lol.
That looks like a nice bike though. I have an elliptical, just need to start using it again.


Debbie in Paris

That bike does look pretty darn nice. The last time I rode a bike I couldn't get over how small the seat was...then my bike-riding husband informed me I wasn't supposed to spend much time actually sitting on the seat but standing up on the pedals and pumping. Not for me! But I strongly believe in finding what works for you! Constancy is the key.

Libby Fife

It does sound like a great weekend! I read the earlier post about the bike too and had to laugh. I know just what you mean. I feel very cranky if I can't get my walking in, so much so that I have plenty of gear now to keep me warm and dry when it is raining. It's unheard of for me too to want to go outside in bad weather so I must be addicted! I have a backup exercise now also in case I strain my feet or something:)

Have a good time this weekend and keep pedaling/reading:)

kathleen Solomi

Which book explains dying fabric best

Cheryl K.

Your bike looks perfect for you. I have been a walker now for years - that's when I listen to books on tape. Used to do the recumbent bike at the gym too but the routine changed and now I'm months behind in reading magazines! My car is a '98. My husband keeps showing me new car ads. I keep ignoring them.


I like the peel back effect; there sure is a lot going on in this quilt, my eye can't seem to find a resting spot.


I am totally in love with this fractured quilt of yours. Hope you enjoy your weekend, sounds like heaven

Mary Anne

Sounds like you have an ideal weekend underway! As for the bike - I checked out the link and I think I'd like this form of biking but, short of putting it out in the hallway in our building, there is NO room for one. It will be interesting to find out how it affects your knees.

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