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January 27, 2014


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The yoga post on ice is . . . priceless. Love it.

Lynne in Hawaii

Great ice pose. I really like where your scrap quilt is going. Yes...I like that bottom border a lot.


I think you are right, it needed to be mostly yellow. I'm glad you didn't give up on it.

Lea Anne

I saw on the news this week that in NY they have nude yoga classes(yuk)....I think your ice yoga is more interesting and I bet it works more muscle!


Glad "Fractured" is progressing again. The yellow is just right! And stay off that thin ice. It needs to be 4 inches thick to walk on safely. Trust me on that - I'm a Minnesota gal.


love the yoga pose - but hope the ice is thick!


You're brave and flexible! :o) I love the arrows at the bottom of your quilt.

Ivory Spring

Vicki, you are going to figure skate next, I am sure of it!!! :)

And I am in love with your quilt. Now, I am curious how you are going to quilt it.

And -- just for the record, Comcast isn't too much better over here! We have had some trying episodes in the last three months.


Any ice on our ponds it is well hid by huge amounts of snow. Yes, yellow is just what is called for! You do make a good crane, btw! ;)

Gene Black

Great job on changing the border. I love how it looks now.

cindy is crafty

Chris is no dummy! :O)

kathleen Solomi

Nice quilt .
Brave girl on the ice

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