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January 07, 2014



thank you for this update-it's so simple never would have thought to soak and rinse-that's cool how it helped with the thread that ran-never would have that about rayon thread-Kathy


yikes, now we have to worry about thread bleeding too!
When you say soaking in very hot water for 12 hours, do you keep changing the water to keep it hot? Mine only stays hot for maybe an hour then cools quite rapidly after that.
thanks for the update, I'm still searching for the Dawn you used.

Gene Black

Thanks! I saw the Dawn Essentials on the shelf and just went ahead and bought two bottles. Thanks for all the tips and testing results.

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Dear Vicki
Thank you so much for all your hard work in researching all the different ways to wash fabrics. I am convinced about Dawn, but can't find anywhere how much you recommend using in the washing machine.

Thank you for your help

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