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January 09, 2014



thanks for all your tips - the Red and Green is soaking today and will be washed. So far it is in the tub with hot water and detergent and I threw in color catchers too - the water is barely a different color than it should be! I think I must have soaked all these red and greens more than I thought I had and I'll let you know how it turns out!


The woodland star pattern is gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress, once you get started. :o)


Goodness you have a lot going on! The Salt Marsh looks like a perfect fit for the Woodland pattern.

Judy Hudgins

Ok, the dampness you feel on the Woodland Star pattern is my drool. I love it and can't wait to see what you do with it.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Viki - hope it's warmed up there; we're above freezing here and it's raining. Thought of you earlier in the week...went to Ollies and saw they now have different sized plastic "baker's racks". I knew I should have bought another one before the price increased! -LOL-

Mary Anne

Whatever would we do without the floor as a design surface? Definitely something I use, especially now we don't have a cat to go skidding through my carefully laid out design!

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