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December 06, 2013



yes, a stack of sticky notes would be just the right height. A good tool for sure!

Sally T

This is turning out to be a nail biter. Who is more valuable in the studio: cat or DH?

Mary Anne

Mine's up Vicki - hopefully I did the link up correctly (first time trying so hopefully it will work). Like your idea of the stickynotes - I've used just a piece of masking tape, but your 'tool' is much better!!


I'm definitely going to try this Vicki

Mary Anne

Oh noooooo! I certainly didn't plan to have MY mugshot come up! What on earth did I do and how can I fix it? Do you know Vicki??

Candy Glendening

Sticky notes! Genius!!!!! Love this tour - all those links look so exciting, can't wait to go read them! (BTW this post popped up in Feedly last night at about 10 PST, just when i had finished my post!)

Mary Anne

Thanks Vicki - I think I have it fixed now!

Katie Z.

I couldn't come up with a singe thing I use that's not already a sewing item! I don't have lots of things, so there weren't many options. Oh, well! I'll check out everyone else.

Sharon MLS

Hi Vicki! I just put up my link. Better late than never? Thanks for hosting this - looks like a lot of fun!


thanks Vicki! these are some great ideas everyone has.

katie z.

Finally found something! You're right, the glass is awfully tempting!

Emily H

Vicki, thank you so much for these tours. I am so inspired. I don't have a blog to link mine in, so I feel kinda guilty enjoying all without contributing. Love your work. Emily H

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