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December 19, 2013



Oh wow - what a space and so much stuff - I'm surprised that you stay as organized as you do with so many different things that you do - it is a good thing you have such a large basement that you can divide into so many different spaces to work in.

Katy S

Your photo studio area is genius! Wish our basement ceilings were higher so I could do the same.


ooh, your grandfather! How sweet! Willie has a wonderful area!

Sally T

Thanks for the view of the sauna. I was wondering how you kept the area warm enough for dyeing. Definitely an innovative solution. And now I know that the REAL studio tour stands for REALLY organized.


A batching cabin... Who would have thought about that. Will write Santa soon!!

Kelly Wood

Great space and well organized.


I have to say I do envy you your lovely spaces!!
Like your idea of the hanging curtain for photographing - great idea.
Looking forward to seeing your sewing studio post on the link-up just about to take a few pics of my tiny space.


Grandad was a striking fellow. Merry Christmas sis :)


Your tour is fascinating! What a wonderful space. I'm with you...function first. As long as you know what is what and where, that is the key. It would be interesting to see how much space my stuff takes up --if I had a large enough space for all of it. As it is now, it is scattered in various corners all over the house, but at least I have it all out of the garage and more accessible now. :-)

Candy Glendening

Your grandfather took a job as a janitor so he could see you and your brother every day - what an amazing man! What a gift to you both!


You've got a studio rigged up, OMG!!! You have given me the idea that maybe I can get a backdrop rigged on adjustable hooks from my vaulted ceiling in the studio. It's always a problem trying to rig up a decent backdrop.
I too use a quilt to wrap the soap for the first 72 hours inside a very large Styrofoam box.
Your grandfather was a very special person.

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