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December 17, 2013


Tina in NJ

I've never seen the CRAP acronym before! My hubby would declare it appropriate. :)


Great post - I love glass, but do not want to set up and maintain another studio space. Enjoy watching you work - living vicariously!


3600 square feet, eh? I've got a dining room...
Really enjoy looking at other people's work space, whatever it is they are doing creatively. These posts always remind me of art college, and wandering around looking into people's work areas, loved it. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.


that is just awesome to have a huge studio and in your home-wonderful!

Carol S.

Who new that my calling my needlework supplies crap actually meant something useful? Now I won't feel so bad about using that term...

Patricia L.

Looks like fun. I did ceramics in college and have been tempted to try it again but I really don't need another hobby.


As junior senior citizens there is always the advice to down size but like you, we do use all of our house. How interesting to view your glass studio set up. It sure looks like fun!


It is nice to have enough space to make zones for different projects. My basement is unfinished except for one corner too and I use every square inch of it.


oh my you do have space to work in don't you! and here I am with a 9x19 room and a little bit of it is shared with hubby - well I do have the dining room table too when I want it and a little of the living room :)

Gene Black

LOL. My CRAP is all over the house!


We use our basement for our CRAP too! I have the 600 sq ft finished side for my quilting and the mister has the larger unfinished side for his glass works. Of course that side also stores all of the other stuff one accumulates! It's nice to have the space but I admit to looking forward to downsizing when we retire.


I live in a four bedroom house with a two car garage by myself and sometimes I don't have enough room for all my CRAP! I have been getting rid of stuff I no longer want or need, but I haven't found any more space. How can that be? I must really have a lot of CRAP! I can see how having a separate space for you glass studio would be important. Wouldn't want to get fabric scraps mixed up with shards of glass!


Ooooh, I'm drooling, you are so fortunate with all your spaces.


The Crap acronym is my new favorite!!! I may have to make a sign above my stairs....


LOL! I love your acronym CRAP as well! (And I love Alycia's idea for a CRAP sign. Love the tour. I have been gleaning lots of ideas for my sewing room redo. And last but not least, I love your quilt suncatchers!

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