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December 18, 2013



awesome space, I do most of my dye works outdoors so I am limited with the weather-a huge basement like yours is just awesome


It is so much appreciated that you share your dyeing studio with us!! Can see why you enjoy every meter of it...

Katy S

Great space for dyeing! I do all my dyeing in my garage. It works but only in summer!

Debra S

I'm already exhausted!


oh wow - so many things I would loose track of it all - but so nice that you have such a large basement to work in - no rent for space! which is such a plus in your line of work.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Vicki, that's amazing! Like you, step stools all over the place and could use a few more -grin. Love those metal bread racks...could use a few more of those as well. If you're near an Ollies, they have plastic racks, $30, holds a lot of weight and have been useful.

Marty Mason

Pretty impressive....I love your filled-to-the-brim-it's-time-for-fun-space!


Vicki, it is so great to see how you work and all the various areas that you have for each aspect. I can see that there is a lot to your creativity. This looks a mess to me but obviously it works well for you. I'm trying to wrap my mind around all of this but at the same time I see imposed over it all the delicate ornaments you make and the precision of your kaleidascopes. You are a wonder! :)


I can't believe how you can dye that much fabric is such a small space. You are very organized, but I would think you would need more space especially when you are doing those fancy tie dye designs. Thanks for the tour. I now need to go home and organize my dye mess.

Judy Rys

Wow, I thought I had a lot of stuff. You win for sure! LOL

Kelly Wood

I dye in ziplock bags! I would do more if I had the space. Isn't it amazing how the cheap/free supplies are the best?

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