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December 20, 2013


Katy S

Love your ironing station and the cabinet for fat quarters is brilliant! My hubby is wonderful about helping me too :). Thanks for the tour!


I will link up later, I need to take some photos first - Like I told Wanda I so envy you quilters that have both a whole basement and an upstairs room - so much space to spread around.


Thanks for the tip on the Mr. Clean eraser! My iron is gooped up a bit with interfacing glue so now I will get one of these and clean it. Great sewing space!


What great space. I am envious of your windows and ironing station. I understand not wanting more space as I wanted more counter space and when I had it it was totally covered after about one week. I tend to work in the same 2 square feet! ;) Thanks for doing this, Vicki. I am definitely mid-project right now but will get around to all the tours as soon as I can. Congrats to Wanda and I'm holding out hope one more time! ;)


I'm so excited that I won the art glass!!! Thank you!
You are really organized in your sewing room but I know what you mean when you say you are ready to reorganize. I'm constantly coming up with ideas to change mine.


I believe the urge to reorganize and sort/cull is an essential part of our process - our situations and priorities change, and our work spaces should evolve right along with us!

All those buttons . . . what fun! And I love that you have your Great-Grandmother's UFOs.

Congrats to Wanda for winning the glass!!


EEEEEEK! I can't believe you have my cards displayed and that they made it into the blog post! It's akin to seeing one's name up in lights. Thank you for the nod. In other news, I adore the organization and of course, your handmade Angry Birds. Adorable!

Jan O

Wonderful tour of your sewing room, Vickie! Your stuff seems so well organized. You have so much space and so many storage options! I love your ironing station with the cabinets beneath it.
Thanks for hosting the Real Studio Tour; I've seen lots of great suggestions from the participants!


You have such great spaces, I'm green. Thanks for hosting it was fun.


What wonderful spaces you have and thanks for sharing!!

Mary Anne

Thank you Vicki - this has been great fun! It's almost like being a peeping tom, but legal!!

Candy Glendening

Having to reinforce the flooring because of the weight of the fabric...yikes, I shall not be mentiong this to my hubby! LOL! THanks for doing this, its great for folks to see the whole picture!

deborah wolff

I first up want to thank you for the fused quilt block that is hanging up right now in my sewing space. I LOVE IT so much. It was so generous of you to give these special pieces to the blog tour participants. Thank you!
So besides the basement you have all this upstairs too? My gosh, you are so lucky.
I posted somewhere else that it is so unfortunate that us west coasters don't have basements, because we're crafty quilters here too! and we need that space! So when I see these huge below ground spaces I am so jealous. But like someone else stated, we need to be grateful for what we do have. Which I am (until I see all these other spaces).
Thank you for hosting this studio tour.

Kathleen Wilson

Thanks for sharing your studio with us. I like searching out other studios because I find inspiration to add things to mine.

Sharon MLS

That is so cool that you have the space and can organize by your various crafts! I wonder? - will you become interested in another craft in the future and fit it in as well?
Merry Christmas!

Gayle Bong

I'm loving the tour what a great idea. Aren't we a lucky bunch?
I hope I get a chance to link up.


What a great look at your sewing studio Vicki - wish I was a high organised.The Studio Tour was such a good idea - thanks so much for setting this up, I have really enjoyed touring all the studios this afternoon - New Zealand time!

Mary Ann Harpe

I am using your pics and ideas for my studio (when ever I get one!) but I am glad to collect one idea- the Magic Eraser to clean the iron! Never thought of that and I use them all around the house. Thanks for the peek. Mary Ann

Terry Aske Art Quilts

Vicki, thanks for organizing this. It's lots of fun to see how you've organized your studio. I always feel a bit jealous when I see a large studio area, but really I think my 'stuff' would just spread out over a larger space. And I got of lots of good ideas from everyone who linked up on the tour.

sally manke

So enjoyed the tour! Always on the lookout for storage ideas!

sarah did it!

I am so jealous that you have a whole cabinet of buttons!!!! It's so hard to find older ones around here that I have maybe only 3 cups worth.

Thanks for a great Studio Tour - I had a blast and I've found lots of ideas for changes to my studio as well!

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