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November 21, 2013


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Kim M in PA

Hi Vicki,
Long time follower here. I am planning to make a couple of table runners for presents this year. Probably not much else...

Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!!!


Love your work.

Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas so no hand made goodies from me. I WILL be doing lots of baking, though. :)

Thank you so much for the chance to win.


Like you, I have plans to make a big stack of fiber holiday cards ... and I really need to get going!


I'm doing all kinds of knitting as gifts. SO far there is a shawl, and a hat finished, and a scarf in progress out of alpaca yarn. It has to be the softest most pet-able yarn I've ever used. I've been following for ages.

Judy Hudgins

First, forget the Mistyfuse, I would 'dye' to win your fabrics...I am making some bags for people for Christmas, lots of fun fabrics. And for myself, I am doing the Fractured pattern using flannel Grinch fabric. Can't wait to get back to the sewing machine after I get my homework done.

Marti M

I have not tried Mistyfuse, would love to. Love your blog!

shannon C.

What a generous giveaway! I'm doing lots of small-medium handmade gifts for the holidays, like a crocheted scarf and a bunch of handmade ornaments. No quilts this year!


I've got 4 quilts done for Christmas plus 4 sets of mug rugs and napkins. Still need to make one more set and then I'm ready. The mug rug sets are all from fabric I either printed or screenprinted. Nice to finally DO something with some of this.


I have made five table runners so far, and coordinating mug rugs are in process. I'm planning on doing some mosaic pieces for my mom but haven't actually started them yet. Thanks for the chance to win!


Awesome giveaway! I am going to make some tote bags and knit some socks.

Katie Z.

(I love your fabric.) I made a few placemats for members new to the family since I made the whole family some.

Usually, I'm all over handmade gifts. This year, I haven't given them much thought and am a bit disappointed in myself!


Yes, am finishing one item for the holidays and will begin and finish another in just a few days with the HELP of a friend....


I will be making scarves & purses for sure. I would love to add some of your hand dyes to the projects! Thank you for your blog and all that you do to promote fiber arts.. been a follower for quite a while now.


Yes I am sewing something for the Cmas season, but what that is has yet to be decided as I was occupied with another project which ended yesterday and now I can address just what to sew for my special someone.

Lori S

I don't think I will be making as many items as I usually do. I hope to get a couple of tops quilted for my daughters as they have been waiting patiently, but time is getting away from me.Your hand dyed "scraps" would be so fun to get in the mail!!! Thanks for the chance to win!


Hey Vicki - your prizes sound great you can count me in on trying to win these goodies!! No I am not sewing anything for Christmas presents this year - I do sometimes but not this year it got away from me and I do not work on deadlines - it stresses me out too much and then mistakes happens and frustration builds up :) I do have a wonderful Christmas wall hanging though that I need to remember I have and make it for next year - it was supposed to be for this year but I found it the other day hidden under a pile of things :(


I am making a set of placemats. No major Christmas projects this year. I am also giving away jam I made over the summer and fall.


awesome giveaway-thank you-I would really love to win this. I am hand quilting a lap quilt for my Mom who is now in her mid 80s with dimentia and in a care facility now-she had made the top a couple years ago so hoping she remembers it.


I do love these blog hops--you meet such interesting people! I have knitted socks for most of my family and am finishing off a baby quilt for a newborn due in mid December. Since we have all decided to cut back on Christmas obligations, it is remarkably stress free. Thanks for the giveaway.


Wow! You are very generous and I love your fabric so I'm very hopeful! We make granola and biscotti for our Christmas gifts every year, with the exception of the year I gave everyone a Christmas themed quilt (so it wouldn't have to match the general decor of every home).


Great giveaway - I love Mistyfuse and your fabric "scraps" are wonderful. I don't have any plans for handmade gifts this year but I'm considering making a free motion stitched book for a friend. I guess if I'm going to do it, I better start soon.

Thanks Vicki!


I'm going to make some pj for my grandkids. Love your fabric.

Tina in NJ

Haven't won anything in a couple month, maybe I'll get lucky again. ;) My 7 nieces and nephews are getting two (each kid) luggage tags plus cash. I got the tag instructions from a free tutorial at Sid's Quilts. They will be stocking stuffers for DH and my kids. I'm glad I'm already finished with Hanukkah so early this year! I also plan to embroider (machine) some small banners for friends at church. I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday.

Lynne in Hawaii

I've made coasters with matching candle mats6 or 7 sets), pillows (about 8), a throw quilt and a Christmas ornament. I would love your scraps...the fabric is so beautiful and I have really enjoyed watching you do your glass thing (many wonderful results).

Carol S.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

I don't give handmade gifts for Christmas, other than small ornaments. It's been my experience that the people who would receive anything more extravagant don't appreciate the time, effort and expense that go into them.

Carol S.

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