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November 08, 2013



You longarmers are something else! Quilt a king size quilt in just a few days? My goodness it would take me close to a month on my Pfaff to get a king size done. I am still not ready to buy a longarm so I will stick with my "old-fashioned" way of free motion machine quilting - LOL!!!!


My Fracture post will go up tomorrow morning - also a Red Centre project.

Like your color shifting plan!

Mary Anne

I absolutely detest bed skirts and battled with them for years before I finally decided I'd had enough and invested in a king sized duvet cover that nearly touches the floor on either side of the bed...problem solved. Sort of. Our bed is extra-long so the duvet doesn't reach the full made a small quilt out of thrifted pieces of velvet and now I just throw that on the foot of the bed.

Barb in MI

I just love your 1st Fractured - and the Rainbow one looks beautiful. Hm, got to go back on your blog to see the wavy crosshatch - or may have to wait for a finished top pic... Thanks for hosting!

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