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November 22, 2013


sandra weimer

I like this one! Just bought the book, maybe it will make a new years project.

Sally T

I love how this turned out--especially with the yellow frame midway. (And of course we know that the red centre was the key constraint.) It just glows!


The top turned out great! I waiting to see what color of thread you use on this one. I don't think babypoo green would work on this one!

Gabriela Divine

I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I'm head over heels over your rainbow colored fractured quilt. It just sings to me.

Candy Glendening

Vicki this is STUNNING! I've ordered the book and someday may find time to make a similar one!I can see this bound in a rainbow gradient (but this may change when I see what you're doing with the border)!!!


very cool!!!!!

Katie Z.

Ooh la la!


I had to stop by to ooooo and aahhhh!

Barb in MI

Love your 2nd fractured!

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