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October 22, 2013



they look great!


I just love these blocks and that aqua and grey is super pretty. You'll have a gorgeous quilt when you're done.

Carole S.

I just read the background blogs on these blocks. What a hoot! I do hope someone makes up good stories about the origins/reasons for all my UFOs!

These blocks are just gorgeous, and you're so lucky. I really like the black blanket stitch you're doing. It will be interesting to see what setting you choose. And to think, there are more blocks when you're done with these! This is a fun project to follow!


What fun and pretty blocks! These remind me of a quilt top I have from a neighbor where I use to live. She had a bunch of maple leaf blocks her late sister made. She gave them to me to put together and finish the quilt. I need to get that done for her! Now that I see the hand stitching you have done, it would look good on the leafs, but then again if I just want to get the quilt quilted I many not add to the timeline and do any hand stitching. I am sure the lady would just be glad to get the completed quilt.


That's funny--I was thinking of your blocks recently and wondering if you had worked on them. These are such favorites!


These are so pretty you are making me want to put down the yarn, needles and hook and sew again! :)

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