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October 09, 2013


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Leslie McNeil

great tip! i never thought of using dye=na-flow that way either. looking forward to seeing the result!


Oh..... Lovely. You are so talented! I so want to be you when I grow up! thanks for sharing your many talents! Cheers!


This looks interesting!

Marti M

Looks like fun. Love the stencil!


oh. I think I have that stencil and this is such a great tutorial. THANKS!!!


thanks for this, I have not tried the sun printing indoors yet-I may now

Debbie St. Germain

Those came out beautifully and a nice idea for a fun winter project.



The prints are wonderful! It is amazing how the trees came out so light.


That's wonderful information to know. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love your tree stencil. Did you use black paint?


so, you could use a hair dryer then if it isn't the light but the drying?

Mary Anne

Interesting! The only sun printing I've ever done involved that pre-treated blue fabric (brand name escapes me) that changed colour according to the amount of light that hit it.

Barbara Williams

This came at exactly the right time. Yesterday I bought a "exciter pack" of Dye-na-flow colors. However I thought I could paint with them....but now to see that they are for sun painting. I am happy!!! Now to wait for our high winds to subside (about saturday when it will be raining I hope)....well maybe soon.

cindy is crafty

How cool! :O) If you have an extra...:O)

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