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October 25, 2013



it looks like a very complicated block - I love the fabric and colors that you use.

Tina in NJ

Love this quilt! I totally get that the name had to be a palindrome. It's gorgeous and looks like a lot of fun. Paula must be very pleased with it.

Sally T

Spectacular! As I knew it would be!


such a clever use of fabric! Enjoy the festival!


You certainly don't disappoint!

Deb Levy

Absolutely Fabulous!


This is exquisite!! The fabric is beautiful too, I might have to have some of that.


I was going to say fantastic, but Wanda is right on with exquisite!! I love how you set the complex blocks against the dark triangles.


Amazingly beautiful! Stunning quilt Vicki - I love the fabric lines from Paula and must watch out for this one in the stores

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Fun title and I am constantly amazed at your talent, Vicki!

Cheryl K.

This is a mind-blower! The symmetry blocks and the setting - it all works. And just how did you find the Red Rum palindrome?

Ivory Spring

Awesome quilt, Vicki! You outdid yourself on this one.

Becky in VA

So exciting to see this on your blog. Congrats on having your spectacular quilt on display in Houston for thousands to see!

Debra S

Definitely one of your best quilts!

Patricia Walters

This is a spectacular quilt. I'm speechless.


Awesome quilt! Love the name (I picked the palindrome!) and adore the fabrics! You rock these quilts!


Oh goodness...if I had to name a quilt based on a palindrome I'd have either race car or civic! :o) It's eye catching and gorgeous.

Kim S

Love, love, love!


Your cutting and piecing are amazing! And good for you for coming up with such a clever palindrome, too.


Well freaking done!! You've really taken to the symmetry quilts, and the name is fun, too.

Liz A.

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing quilt. Love the name....


Beautiful and the name is fun.

Jean S.

Gorgeous Vicki! Your work is amazing.

LuAnn Kessi

Hey Vicki,
Your quilt is so striking and so beautifully executed. Bravo!

LuAnn in Oregon

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